What Are The Side Effects of Low Testosterone in Males?

Signs of Low Testosterone in men

 Testosterone – A Fountain of Youth:

Testosterone, no doubt, is one of the most important and the crucial hormone that is needed by the male body to carry out his important bodily functions. The reason for the too much importance of the testosterone in males can be indicated with the number of functions that it performs in a body to keep it healthy and well- recharged. Testosterone is actually a sexual hormone of male’s human body that carries out the important functions regarding the sex of a person and that is why it is also called as “A Fountain of Youth”. Testosterone performs the several important functions in the body like:

  1. Testosterone is responsible for the development of Reproductive Systems in Males.
  2. It is the primary hormone that functions in increasing the male sex drive.
  3. It increases man’s libido.
  4. It develops the secondary sex characteristics in males like the deepening of the voice, growth of beard etc.
  5. It promotes the Muscle Mass.
  6. It promotes the Bone Mass.
  7. It increases the Volume of Semen production.
  8. It aids in the growth of hair.
  9. They are also responsible for the Red Blood Cells production in the body.
  10. It also plays a vital role in fat distribution.

Besides all these functions, the primary function of the testosterone starts from the time of conception in the masculinizing the brain of the fetus in the womb of the mother. So regarding all these functions, one cannot deny the importance of testosterone in the human body.

Production of Testosterone:

Testosterone, being the men’s sexual hormone is produced exponentially in the male body. It is also produced in the female body but with the lesser amounts as compared to male’s body. It is scientifically proven that testosterone is produced in the male body with the 10 X times as compared to female body.

Being the sex hormone, testosterone is produced in the testicles of the males with the smaller amounts being produced in the adrenal glands present just above kidneys. And this hormone is produced in ovaries in females with the smaller amounts in adrenal glands.

The production of the testosterone starts with the development of the fetus just after the time of conception and between the seven weeks of that. After that, it continues producing in the male with its peak during the teenage and puberty. And after the age surpasses 30 years, the level of testosterone and its production tends to decrease with the ratio of 1 percent every year.

Testosterone – Normal Levels:

The normal range of the testosterone in males is estimated according to Mayo Clinic, in between 300 to 700 ng/dL. In general, the optimum range of the testosterone is about 270 to 1070 ng/dL, however that can vary from person to person. It is estimated that the healthy person that have ideal sex drive and other ideal functions have the testosterone level of 698 ng/dL.

The levels below this range or above this range are considered to be out of order and treatment must be taken in order to improve its status.

Low Testosterone Levels:

According to the studies and experimental evidences, the testosterone levels below the range of 300 to 700 ng/dL is termed to be the low T levels. This is also known best with the name, “Hypogonadism”. Hypogonadism is the common medical disorder that most of the men are facing now-a-days.

It is estimated that approx. 39 percent of the men are affected with the low T levels that are above the age of 30. The fact behind this thing is that the level of testosterone declines as the man proceeds to age. A number of researches have shown through the evidence that by the time, a man who hits the age of 80 have low testosterone levels. That is simply normal but the men who are below their age of testosterone decline should not have the low T levels as this can affect them badly.

Here is how they can get affected with the Low Testosterone Levels:

Side Effects of Low T Levels in Men:

Because of the primary importance of testosterone in the human body, it affects a number of functions. The low Testosterone levels can bring a significant change in the physical and emotional personality of a person. Here are some of the side effects of Low Testosterone Levels in men:

  1. Sexual Function: The one of the most important things that is being affected by the low Testosterone level is the sexual function of a person. Being a sexual hormone, there is the greater importance of the T hormone in increasing the sexual desire of a person. That is the reason that men who age greater than 30 have the low desire to have sex and they can feel a number of symptoms including reduced desire of sex, fewer erections, infertility. According to report of ADA in 2013, 70 percent of men with low T levels have erectile dysfunction while 63 have low sex drive.
  2. Physical Changes: A number of physical shifts can also accompany the people with low Testosterone levels. These are increased body fat, decreased muscle and bone mass, fragile bones, hair loss, hot flashes, increased fatigue, higher levels of cholesterol.  A failing amount of testosterone largely increases the proportions of fats in the bodies. Testosterone helps in the breaking down of fatty acids that are not used by the bodies. Moreover, this removal of unhealthy testosterone contents from the linings of veins and in the organs like heart etc reduce the chances of unhealthy conditions. The essential hormones convert these fatty contents and helps building muscle mass.
  3. Sleep Disturbances: As a matter of fact, the T hormone have a noticeable reduction in the energy levels and because of this fact, a man can face difficulty in sleeping well. Low t hormonal level can cause insomnia that is a serious problem related to sleep.
  4. Emotional Changes: A person with the low T levels can also face the mood swings and a number of emotional changes. The condition of low T levels can lead a person to the feelings of sadness and depression, thereby affecting the well- being of a person. These levels of anxieties and tensions impede healthy sleeping pattern and deteriorates the volume of semen contents.


No matter what might be the cause of the low testosterone level in a person, it should be treated in order to lead a healthy and prosperous life.


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