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How To Get More Testosterone-Ways To Boost Testosterone

There are a section of people who suffer improper metabolism and generation of the important testosterone hormones. If you are among the ones with testosterone troubles, you better tighten your laces and adhere a strict routine and life pattern to revitalize the natural production of Serum-T. The hormones impact different life processes to a larger extent and its deficiency can prove amazingly depressing to the victim.

If you want to see your youthful bubbly days back, don’t panic and follow certain natural ways to amplify the production of hormones.

Does exercise increase Testosterone levels?

Testosterone is the one hormone that embeds masculine traits in a man. Not only does it help in the growth of the genitals over the stages of life, but it ensures that different body organs and parts metabolize things in a healthy manner. The hormone, in short, makes a man happy and lively regulating his healthy life-cycles, keeping bones and muscles stronger, and injecting positive desires of life. But, what if  low t levels are detected in our body?

In an average, the testosterone levels are found depleting after a man reaches 30, these dip further (almost by 2% per year) as the clock ticks to 40.The reports suggest that there are many cases of untimely decrease in the t-levels of a man, even in their early 20s, and that can have severe consequences in the body, if not taken care of. So, it is a living choice one makes to see himself enjoying every fruits of the life.

One of the major reasons of low t levels is the presence of excessive fats that break down essential proteins into useless stuffs. Doctors suggest that exercises have a positive impact in increasing the testosterone levels of our body. Even 15 minutes of exercises in a day seem to be making those testosterone levels elevated, especially in the early post-exercise periods. One way is to burn your unhealthy fats, get in shape and allow your body to function in a fuss-free manner.

Lifting heavy-weights in intervals, doing squats, taking short rest periods in gym and healthy sleep patterns signal positive results in the body by generating healthier proportions of t-levels in the body. Exercises seem to be reducing the stress levels that facilitate several healthy functioning.

So It is clear, regular exercises can definitely increasing testosterone level. We have already written a detailed post on  some of the  Best Testosterone Boosting Exercises and Yoga to raise testosterone check them out.

How does Fenugreek increase testosterone?

Not everyone wishes to have exceptional athletic skills, but one certainly bets in their healthier performance, enhanced energy levels and abilities to perform risky business. Lower testosterone contents can seriously make one devoid of happiness and hopes.

Oftentimes, one shouldn’t simply rely on physical work-outs totally and should reach for the supplements available for him. One of those supplements is Fenugreek, a family of Ayurveda, pumps strength output in human trails. Fenugreek increases Insulin release and helps improving muscle mass.

How To Get More Testosterone-How does Fenugreek increase testosterone

Fenugreek powders are responsible for preventing the conversion of testosterone into DHT. This way, it reduces the breaking down of testosterone or the formation of dihydrotestosterone, which is the more potent form of androgen.

Though, reports suggest that DHT is the chief androgen that exhibits the growth of genitals, beard, muscles and body hairs, so supplementing body with Fenugreek can impact DHT’s production naturally, while increasing t-levels significantly.

The bottom-line is that we should stop taking Fenugreek not as it promotes t-levels but as it inhibits essential DHT productions.

Does HCG increase testosterone?

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is an advantageous hormone secreted in placenta, beneficial for its positive results in weight loss, muscle building and body growth. Albeit, it is incorporated generally in relation to muscle building or weight loss, HCG also shows tremendous traits to optimize and redress the reproductive system of humans. If there comes any moment when you feel low, tired, slow, fat and probably not in your overall optimal well-being, you might need human chorionic gonadotropin to get your thrilling days back.

Whether you are cursing your un-burnt fats, sickened energy levels, poor endurance and physical performance, your body just doesn’t metabolize things correctly. This may end up in severe weight gain that can stir the horrible cases of diabetes, heart conditions and other serious ailments.So, there is no way left, you would like your life to lose quality, and hcg has the features to amend many of those deficiencies so that you may amp up your standards.

HCG works in a similar fashion like luteinizing hormone (LH) that is made by the Pituitary glands. LH signals the testicles to produce the hormone (testosterone), similarly HCG exhibits many features. Produced in larger quantities in females than men, HCG is treated by the body to elevate testosterone levels. LH is mostly active during sleep time, so HCG is also preferred by that sleep-deprived world in a search of healthy testosterone levels.

HCG is injected and monitored in the body to stir the right proportion of healthy testosterone production. HCG corrects the sexual dysfunctions, stimulates androgen receptors, revitalises penile growth, heighten positive sperm counts and testicular growth.

Apart from these top-flight advantages, HCG enlists numerous positive impacts in a human body ranging from increase in red blood cells to the healthy growth of body hairs, reduced risk of obesity to the increased oxidation in the genitals region, boosted sexual desire to cancellation of erectile issues, and dense bone structures to reduced risk of arthritis conditions.

Does masturbation increase testosterone?

Since the internet allowed opinions, and questions and answers, there have been bulky mass of people coming with their concerns regarding masturbation and its impacts in the testosterone levels.

Masturbation is no way making any significant impact in the production of testosterone. It sounds like masturbation leads to the loss of the most produced stuff in a hormonal excitation, but it necessarily doesn’t impede any substantial production of the hormone.

Though short term abstinence from ejaculations leads to an elevated response from healthy testosterone counts, yet having an ejaculation hardly causes any acute testosterone problems. There is a sharp decline, as suggested from experiments, that long term abstinence can affect the count of Serum T.

Does masturbation lower testosterone?

Furthermore, masturbating to the level of sexual exhaustion makes a human body difficult to maintain and manage testosterone levels which may lead to the improper utilisation of those hormones resulting in certain dysfunctions.

Multiple ejaculations stimulate the androgen receptors quickly, so masturbating continuously in a shorter span of time can result in sharp decline in androgen receptors. And excessive decline in the androgen receptors can lower the ability of body to utilise testosterone, and this may have serious repercussions.

Does Boron increase testosterone?

Boron is one of the rarest minerals in Earth, constituting .001% of the Earth’s crust, and is also so rarely found micro nutrient supplement. But what may sound amazing to you is that this unpopular trace mineral is actually amid the classes of the most powerful enhancers of the natural testosterone levels.

Even 10mg of Boron as a supplemental mineral in the morning tends to increase the free testosterone levels by 28%, and moreover decreasing estrogen levels by -39%.

The astonishing traits of Boron hardly holds as it also helps elevating DHT levels in the body, which is as told earlier is the most potent form of androgen.

Boron also helps decreasing numerous inflammation biomarkers (hsCRP, TNF-alpha). Liquid Ionic Boron is a prescribed supplement that a human body can quickly metabolise.

The availability of pure Boron is very less. Studies also suggest that our ancestors used to intake proper amounts of Boron in their diet, but with the modernised power farming the soil gets devoid of those essential constituents. Thankfully, we are left with some of the foods that contain Boron in good proportions like nuts, legumes, prunes, avocados, lentils, honey, grapes and dates.

This untraceable mineral is having far more concerning advantages like improvement of bones and muscles, increase in concentration, treatment of yeast infection and surprisingly used in cancer therapies as its compounds are used as antibody mimics, while the element is helpful in treating strong enzyme inhibitors.

Even 3mg of Boron can have great results in the production of healthy testosterone levels. The highest dose can be 500mg per day, leads to a whopping 160% increase, though not recommended as it causes toxicity.

Does DHEA increase testosterone levels?

There are many people who look to fight the impacts of ageing, scramble their eyes to find stuffs that help them increase their sexual desires and other health conditions, and the use of DHEA supplements are found to be one beneficial for those people.

While the studies suggest that the DHEA supplements also bring in some risks hand in hand. DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands present just above our kidneys and it stakes its claims in a variety of benefits namely, building up of adrenal glands, bolstering of immune system, enhancement of enduring capabilities, gaining of bones and muscle mass, and improvement of memory and mood.

But as nature calls, our ageing body shows decline in the production of DHEA hormones and to keep the counts up, men use DHEA supplements to re-produce those t levels. DHEA supplements increase both testosterone levels and estrogen levels in the body, apart from increasing the metabolism to a higher level that burns out the excessive fats and calories, and often used in losing weights.

Though doctors prefer patients with low testosterone levels to abstain from excessive dosage of DHEA supplements as it causes many side-effects like skin acnes and oily skins, stomach ailments, alteration in menstrual cycles, high blood pressure, facial hair and voice-deepening in women, insomnia, headache, congestion in nose, nausea and unlikely changes in cholesterol levels.

Though, the principal impacts of DHEA supplements in increasing muscle masses and bones qualify it to be used predominantly in athletic activities.

What foods help increasing testosterone levels?

While we were talking to maintain the optimal well-being and happiness in ourselves, there should be a proper way like preventing the deficiencies of testosterone counts, and this is mostly overhauled by the proper intake of micro nutrients through our food. So, it is our prime objective to know and gather information about the foods that are self-less enough to have beneficial traits of improving our effective and healthy count of Serum T.

One of the widely suggested nutrients is Vitamin D that assists our body to absorb Calcium, apart from ensuring the healthy growth of bones and muscles, and major testosterone productions. The best way to take adequate Vitamin D is through Milk. Doctors suggest skimmed versions of milk or low fat milk that not only promotes the bone growth, but also manufactures healthy t-levels.

Eggs belong to the segment of highly nutritive substances as it contains almost all major micro-nutrients except Vitamin C and helps promote healthier growth of body. The balanced blend of proteins and amino acids present in the Eggs supply our body with consequential requirements as the body needs.

Cholesterols present in egg yolks are considered helpful for those not having pre-fatty issues, and taking one egg daily seem to be boosting t levels significantly.

Oysters are a staple in t-levels enhancing food lists and these are enrolled with many important minerals and vitamins like magnesium, selenium, zinc, copper, and vitamin D.

Zinc leads to the healthy production of testosterone in the body.

Pomegranates have several positive results in the increase of testosterone production while significantly lowering diastolic and systolic blood pressures.

Our body might need some animal fats and proteins to build up certain proportions of testosterone. Minced meat or beef constitute top-notch testosterone boosting fats that a human system desires for.

It may sound bewildering but certain friendly bacteria, prebiotics, probiotics, and live enzymes effect testosterone production positively. Yogurt is a great option.

Certain other foods that allow healthy production of the testosterone levels are namely, avocados, onions, garlic, raisins, honey, nuts, coffee, extra virgin olive oil etc.

How can we increase testosterone naturally?

There are many ways to enhance the natural instigation to produce testosterone levels in a human body. While there are options of DHEA, adrenal injections, HCG, and therapies to boost up the level of production of sex-related hormones that primarily effect the overall well-being and liveliness, the hormones also come with numerous side-effects.

One thing to rule out these wayward impacts on our body due to external hormones, one can play it safe and deploy certain life-style patterns to prevent significant lowering of t-levels production or even boosting of those hormones.

The most interrelated element of our body with the testosterone is our body weight. The amount of testosterone hormones in an obese person is contrastingly lowered as compared with a normal person. So burning out some fats can make a striking surge in the t levels production.

Exercises in an intense manner over shorter spans are likely to make striking changes in the production and utilisation of testosterone hormones. The body work-outs stir other parts of circulation and metabolism rate. The androgen receptors get responsive and body starts producing healthier proportions of testosterone in the body.

If you think of gulping 50 mg of Zinc per day, you may find out that your Serum T count has been surprisingly increased because zinc is the most effective supplement. Though, the mineral shouldn’t be taken in larger amounts as it may lead to nausea.

Vitamin D is a steroid hormone, develops the nucleus of the sperm cell, maintain the count and quality of the semen while also improves levels of testosterone. The intake of vitamin D in proper diet makes even an obese man to show off their increase in the t levels.

When we are feeling stressed out, our body releases higher levels of the stress hormone, called Cortisol that inhibits the effects of testosterone. Greater amounts of stress influence the testosterone associated traits like aggression, mating, competing etc by making it less desirable.

For a preventive cause, we should cut on sugar and excess carbohydrates that break into sugar because it may raise insulin levels, one of the factors to lower testosterone levels.

A balanced diet and proper sleep pattern can bring your youthful thrill back.Next question is , what foods can you eat to increase testosterone?

Taking in foods like meat, fish, beef and pork that contain animal fats are likely to increase testosterone levels. Certain amino acids in the eggs, minerals in avocados and oysters, and raw nuts containing multiple proteins accumulate the body with right amount of micro nutrients that metabolise stuffs correctly inside the body, and signalling healthier amounts of testosterone productions.

Read also our detailed list of foods which increase testosterone naturally

Hope we made it clear that how to naturally increase testosterone.

Does sex increase testosterone levels in a man?

Sex increases the testosterone levels in our body. When a human body drops on the levels of testosterone, the problems of sexual dysfunctions arise like shortening of penis, lower production of semen and shrinking of the genitals.

Sex, on the other hand is suggested to increase the amount of testosterone in the body. The intimacy with the partner, aggression in the bed and all the sexual desires are predominantly needed for a better sexual life, and it is inter-related to the amounts of testosterone in our body.

Man engaged in a sexual act has reportedly more production in the hormone levels which decrease prior of having sex. Healthier testosterone levels cause nocturnal erections and morning erections that signal the healthy impacts of testosterone in promoting sexual willingness.

Men who are staying active for exercises, eating better foods and having better and sound sex life tend to see a growth in the production of testosterone levels.

Thus, it clears that sex has a positive impact in the testosterone testosterone levels in the body while only getting stimulated in a non-mating conditions, a person doesn’t see as much increase in the testosterone production as during sex.

How do environmental toxins effect your testosterone productions?

Environmental toxins are endocrine disruptors and cancer causing substances that can impede healthier testosterone productions. Found amid the variant classes of natural and man-made toxins, the environmental toxins that are naturally found compounds are lead, formaldehyde, benzene, mercury, radon etc.

The human made and stirred compounds like plastic seem to be showing too much negative response in the t levels of our body. Plastics around us increase the chances of cancer, and seriously increase cortisol and estrogen levels in men that are not helpful for the testosterone hormones.

There are certain other pre-mature conditions we are subjected under that deter the t-levels significantly from an initial stage. Plastic Incubators used during birth of a human are deterrents. Moreover, babies are fed in the plastic bottles for most of the time which shouldn’t be done, similarly foods shouldn’t be taken/ heated in a plastic container as it may alter the t-levels or might even impede a healthier growth from an early age.

Pesticides, detergents and cosmetics also act as endocrine disruptors, and can seriously decrease testosterone levels in our body.

There are several other environmental conditions that effect the overall hormonal balance in the body. People who take warm showers are likely having lower sperm counts than those taking cold showers in the morning or at night. Carrying a cell-phone is must in this space-age but escaping from several radiations coming out of it is not so easy.

The radiations effect the sperm count, deters it, and prolonged contact in the genital areas may even lead to serious killings of sperm. One should sleep at least 7-8 hours a day to maintain cortisal levels in the body that indirectly impacts testosterone levels.

How to address ageing related testosterone decline?

Ageing brings numerous deficiencies in the body, one of the most concerning is the dropping of testosterone hormones that are mostly responsible for masculine characteristics in men.

However, a sexually abstinent man having seriously lower sperm counts can even revitalise himself by undergoing in testosterone replacement therapies, and can bring back the lost excitation and temptation. For redressing the cases of lower sperm contents, the body is firstly checked for a perfect Vitamin D amounts.

Testosterone levels can be increased by injecting testosterone serum into the blood that improves energy and vitality. Testosterone is also used topically as a cream or as a gel that can be applied in the scrotum region in over the skin to get an elevated level of t-levels. Gels or cream is preferred over injection as it doesn’t cause pain.

Progesterone is also one major alternative that positively pops up the testosterone levels. The deficient cases of testosterone, vitamin D and any other deficiency can be corrected as remedy using Progesterone. Progesterone is a potent form of estrogen inhibiter, and considered as a better choice for men.The main motives behind taking progesterone is to re-bring the elevated levels of energy, sexual desires, liveliness, brain health, libido and sexual function, increase in bone density etc. It is also Progesterone that facilitates the erections of penis.

Hope this post was helpful in clearing few of your testosterone doubts.Don’t forget to add your valuable feedback and further queries in the comment box below.


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