Top Yoga Poses to Boost Testosterone Levels

Top Yoga Poses to boost Testosterone Levels-Bridge-pose

This article explains in detail the best yoga poses to increase the testosterone in your body naturally.

Unfortunately, it is a fact that a big population of men is having low T levels before they reach the age 30.

The deficiency in testosterone levels creates a number of problems such as hair loss, baldness, weak bones, fatigue, obesity and many.

Major risks associated with the lower T levels are Heart Diseases, Type II Diabetes, Low Mineral Density, Impaired Sexual Functioning, Reduced muscle mass and Diminished physical performance.

There are numbers of ways by which one can increase his T levels to the optimum even after 40.
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Of course, there are various testosterone booster supplements available.But it is not a better option to start using supplements as and when you notice a decrease in testosterone levels.

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In this article, we are listing out various other means through which you can boost your testosterone naturally.

Following lifestyle practices will help in maintaining your testosterone levels optimum.

  1. A Well planned diet
  2. Stick to Proper Exercise
  3. Manage your Weight
  4. Get more Sleep and Stay Relaxed without stress

Diet for sure can help you to boost your T levels if you take the right one such as a meditarrenian diet.

Try to consume more fat, cholesterol, Zinc and Vitamin D rich diet as they are the testosterone boosting diet.

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Exercise is another factor that can influence your testosterone levels.

In general, all of the exercises stimulate the release of the Testosterone levels but trying the weight lifting exercise can pose better results.

So regular exercise is the surest way to increase the T levels. If not yet, read Top Testosterone boosting exercises.

Adequate hours of sleep and stress-free life are mandatory in getting the better T levels.

Apart from all, Practicing Yoga poses and meditation techniques can also help to boost Testosterone levels considerably.

Yoga can boost your natural sexual power and the effectiveness of yoga in testosterone production is proved long back.

Read the article till the end to understand in detail the best yoga poses to boost testosterone level naturally in your body.

Yoga and Testosterone

Top Yoga Poses to Boost Testosterone Levels

As a matter of fact, the Yoga helps all aspects of life, whether it is related to your physical health or related to your sexual health.

It is a proven fact that yoga does help to boost your T levels.

There are a number of studies that have proved that the ancient yoga poses improve the overall sexual functioning of a person beside of increasing the T levels.

So, the more you practice yoga, the more you will feel the difference in your sexual activities and your entire health.

Top Yoga Poses to boost Testosterone Levels

If interested in knowing the top Yoga Poses to boost the Testosterone levels in your body, see below the details of the best yoga poses to improve testosterone levels in your body.

Note: Consult an authorized yoga practitioner before you start these T level boosting yoga.

Downward Facing Dog:

This is one of the best and proven top yoga poses to boost testosterone levels in men.

This posture is easy and you will find relaxation in this pose.

Traditionally, this The Downward facing Dog yoga pose is meant to improve the sexual power of a person with the increased flexibility.

All you need to do is to maintain a pose in which your butt lies in the air and your hips are easily accessible. Also, keep your shoulders back to give your neck enough room to stretch. In this way, the blood can circulate all the way to your body thus increasing the T levels.

Cobra Pose

Cobra pose is another amazing yoga posture that can help to revitalize your Testosterone levels.

The book , “The Science of Yoga” has revealed the true science behind this pose that how it affect the people sexually.

According to the research, this pose helps to lower down the hormone called cortisol by 11 percent, which stimulates the stress and increases the Testosterone by 16 percent.

This means, with this yoga pose, you can increase your T levels by 16 folds as this pose squeezes the adrenal glands.

Bound Angle Pose

Bound Angle Pose is another yoga pose to boost Testosterone levels.

This simple pose is made in order to stimulate the low libido as it stretches the hips to prepare them for the production of Testosterone.

This pose will help you to flush out all the stress that comes to your stagnant pelvis and it also increases the blood circulation in the whole body area.

This posture will be quite unpleasant on the first try but you will love it soon as you find ease in that pose.

Eagle Pose

This one is specially called the sex pose as it prepares you for all the things that you want to do in bed.

You will love this pose after you get that right as it is just twisting you all the way that can flush you whole with the fresh red blood in your pelvic and adrenal gland areas.

Eagle pose is a tough one to hold but this will surely help you to get your optimum level of Testosterone.

Bridge Pose

Bridge yoga posture also affect your gluteus muscle region.It is another best yoga pose to boost the T levels.

This is the best way to improve your orgasm as well your libido.

Bridge pose is also helpful to strengthen your muscles around the pelvis to prepare you for your climax.

So Bridge pose is your way to sex.


Best Yoga Poses To Boost Testosterone Levels – Yoga for Hypogonadism Cure

Watch the below video to get a more detailed set of yoga poses to boost testosterone levels in your body.

Yoga is the best way through which you can boost your testosterone hormone production naturally. Yoga will help to increase body flexibility and improve the overall sexual functioning of the individual. Try these poses to increase your T levels and be sure to let us know with your feedback. Pose and Enjoy!


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