Testosterone level test

Testosterone Level Test

Testosterone is the hormone of the prime importance for not only for men but also for women. The testosterone hormone is called as the”Fountain of the Youth” because of the fact that it is responsible for the healthy bodily functions. There are some of the important functions of the testosterone being performed in the body like the amount of sex drive and willingness towards tempting objects. The amount of production of libido largely gets effected as a result of testosterone contents in the body. Not only this, a human body feels naturally healthy and well coordinated only if the life processes and sleeping patterns are optimal and according to the well being. If there is any sharp decline in the system, the volume of semen speaks for the body. The presence of right amount of hormones also regulate physical and emotional patterns in the human bodies. In addition to the primary reproductive attachments, there are a number of secondary traits that get deviated from the normal course in the cases of acute testosterone deficiencies. So, it is our basic and primal duty to keep evaluating the response of the body and accordingly visit to the doctor if there comes any disturbance.

Testosterone level test is conducted in men to measure the level of testosterone in their blood. Testosterone level test is also called as serum testosterone test. There are a whopping section of cases with uncontrolled and unhealthy accumulation of fat contents in their bodies. A failing amount of testosterone largely increases the proportions of fats in the bodies. Testosterone helps in the breaking down of fatty acids that are not used by the bodies. Moreover, this removal of unhealthy testosterone contents from the linings of veins and in the organs like heart etc reduce the chances of unhealthy conditions. The essential hormones convert these fatty contents and helps building muscle mass.

Testosterone is a sex hormone in man that regulates the sexual desires, sperm production and ejaculation of the sperm. The lack of this hormone in the body leads to the abnormality of all these three bodily functions apart from deviating from several normal life processes. To check the level of testosterone in the body doctors use various methods to count the amounts of Serum-T counts in the body. For this purpose a blood test is performed to see the level of the hormone in the body. To check the level of testosterone in the body, following steps can be performed:

Testosterone level test – An overview

Lower testosterone levels in men cause many complications in the body, starting with the metabolism to the alteration in the personality. Testosterone, in men is responsible for the production of sperm cells after the brain signals the testosterone glands to inject actions down there and this keeps on regulating the sexual desire in a man.  It stays far from doubt that lower and abnormal production of testosterone hormones impede sexual desires and positive energy. Men with low testosterone level, or having unhealthy hormone generation, fail to develop that desired willingness and energy to satisfy their partners, which may lead in discomfiting matrimonial relationships. Furthermore, acute cases of lower testosterone levels might cause several problems in the fertilization of eggs. This reproductive failure hinders the morale of a man as he cannot perform his sex in a normal manner because when there will be no urge for sex there will not be better performances. In addition to a weakened sexual performance, lower testosterone men face several other implications in their body like lack of sexual desire, low production of semen levels, and even erectile dysfunctions.

It is advantageous for the body to pursue the well-ordered and prescribed life pattern after a doctor judges the body with abnormal testosterone counts.

First of all your doctors are likely to check the level of testosterone hormone in the body by seeing the physical features of the body. The muscle mass, bone density, hair loss, confidence level and physical strength can be observed because a lack of testosterone hormone will lead to hinder all these mentioned organs’ and functions’ natural performances. Doctor will observe all signs and symptoms of the deficiency and if he finds that there is lack of this hormone, he will move towards the next step to confirm the level of testosterone in the body.


The doctor might likely prescribe a lists of certain tests to be performed to deduce the proportions of hormones in the body. After checking physical signs and symptoms of the body, the doctor will decide that if there is need to move towards the further test or not.


At this stage doctor will start testing the level of testosterone in the body. In this step he will take a blood sample and will start testing. To collect the blood sample he will clean the area of the body from where he wants to collect the blood and then he will take the blood into a tube. A further analysis will be performed to check the level of the testosterone in the body. A little pain will happen when he will collect blood from your arm.


It has been observed that the patients will be at risk if he is already lacking blood in his body. It is therefore advised that the health status of the patients should be normal before taking the blood from his body. If he lacks blood in his body then after blood collection he may feel light headed-ness,  fainting and even excessive bleeding from the skin. It is therefore, advised that both the doctor and patients should be very careful while collecting the blood for his tests. A little diet before drawing the blood out will be good and helpful.


Now the last step will be to check and analyze the blood sample that had been collected. After a careful examination the doctor will conclude that the levels of testosterone in the body of the patient is normal or not and then he will proceed according to the results of blood test.




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