Signs of Low Testosterone in Men

Side effects of Low Testosterone in Male-Low Sex drive

There is no doubt that testosterone is among one of the most important hormone of the male body. The testosterone is the primary hormone that is responsible for the number of normal bodily functions in males. In addition to this, testosterone is the hormone which is responsible for the development of secondary sex characters in male.

The testosterone is produced by the human body and is produced naturally in the testes with the smaller amounts in adrenal glands. The one of the main important function that is carried by the testosterone is to stimulate sperm production and a man’s sex drive and it also helps to maintain muscle and bone mass.

The Pattern of Testosterone Production:

The testosterone hormone is of the prime importance for the males. That is the reason why it gets to start producing after the seven weeks of the time of conception. The testosterone helps in the development of the male sexual organs in the fetus and also it helps to masculinize the brain and after the delivery of the infant, it helps to work for the other primary functions like the development of the reproductive system, development of the bone mass, muscle mass etc. additional to all that, the testosterone is also responsible for the promotion of well- being of a person.

The production of the testosterone is at its peak during the puberty and teenage of the male and it starts to decline as the age proceeds. According to the study conducted by Mayo Clinic, the testosterone levels turn down year after year at the average of 1% after the age of 30 years.

Normal Testosterone Ranges in Men:

Testosterone is the most important hormone that promotes the well- being of the person. As there is the number of functions that the testosterone performs in the body, there is the great need of maintaining the normal testosterone ranges for men. The values of testosterone level vary greatly from person to person. But in general, normal range in males is about 270 to 1070 ng/dL. The average level of testosterone in men is found to be 679 ng/dL. However, it is assumed that a healthy man should have the testosterone levels in between the range of 400 to 600 ng/dL.

The testosterone range below or above this level is considered to be abnormality that needs to be treated in order to have the healthy living.

Abnormality in Testosterone Levels:

The case is not uncommon in the present age where you will find the persons with the abnormal testosterone levels. The most common abnormality in the testosterone is its decreased levels. There are a number of conditions that could be developed as a result of the low levels in testosterone in men.

On the other hand, the problems associated with the higher levels of testosterone levels are infrequent and rare and the levels of this hormone become too low rather than being too elevated.

Signs of Low Testosterone in Men:

Signs of Low Testosterone in men-Stress-low sex driveThere are the varieties of symptoms of low testosteronein the men who are dealing with it. According to the US Food and Drug Administration, the low testosterone level is termed as low T when the level of testosterone falls below the normal range of 300 to 1000 ng/dL. A blood serum test is used to conduct the abnormality of circulating testosterone in the blood.

Guys love to make jokes about testosterone but this is not a matter of laugh. Here is the list and the warning signs of low testosterone symptoms in men that are a matter of ponder.

  1. Low Sex Drive: as mentioned, Testosterone is what that fuels the man’s sex drive. If a man is having low testosterone levels than the normal range, he would be less interested in having sex. As another addition, there would be the drastic changes in moods for the persons who are experiencing low T levels. It is estimated that men with low testosterone levels have almost no desire to have sex.
  2. Erectile Dysfunction: this is one of the most important symptoms of low testosterone that comes as no surprise to me.Being the sex hormone, testosterone stimulates the man’s sex drive so it also helps to achieve the erection. But when the testosterone levels are too low, it becomes really difficult for men to achieve erection and that causes erectile dysfunction. Moreover, they are also not firm for the intercourse as well.
  3. Low Semen Volume: this fact is pretty simple. The more the men have testosterone, the more they have ability to produce semen. Semen is the milky white fluid that aids in the motility of sperms and with the low semen; there is the notable decrease in the sperm ejaculation.
  4. Genital Numbness: another symptom of low testosterone in men is the numbness in the genital areas. The people with the low T levels often complain of feeling numb down there and that is not good news for the manliness of a man. The feeling may not be the fill of numbness but the touch of electricity down there is absent due to the lack of this sex hormone.
  5. Fatigue and Lack of Energy: it is completely fine for the guys to feel tired and fatigues at the end of a busy day but the guys with the low T levels complain to be completely depleted. Despite having plenty of sleep and rest, if you are not feeling recharged, then you might be experiencing with the low T levels.


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