Low testosterone men

Low testosterone men

Testosterone is the one of the essential requirements of a human body that shapes, maintains and develops sexual gonads throughout a human life cycle.

Starting from birth, and primarily in adolescence, the hormone performs numerous bodily functions which effects different life processes. But naturally, the amount largely dips in production as a man enters the age of 30.

Apart from the natural decline that further decelerates in the next decades, there are several reasons that can alter a healthy generation of Serum-T in the Human Beings, even at an early stage of life.

When a man reaches more steep ages, the cases of chronic depression, diabetes, higher blood pressures, anxiety etc also seem to corrupt the testosterone production in comparison to his younger ages.

Lower testosterone levels in men cause many complications in the body, starting with the metabolism to the alteration in the personality.

Testosterone in men is responsible for the production of sperm cells after the brain signals the testosterone glands to inject actions down there and this keeps on regulating the sexual desire in a man.

It stays far from doubt that lower and abnormal production of testosterone hormones impede sexual desires and positive energy.

Low testosterone men with unhealthy hormone generation, fail to develop the desired willingness and energy to satisfy their partners, which may lead in discomforting matrimonial relationships.

Furthermore, acute cases of lower testosterone levels might cause several problems in the fertilization of eggs. This reproductive failure hinders the morale of a man as he cannot perform his sex in a normal manner because when there will be no urge for sex there will not be better performances.

Low Testosterone Men – Signs and Symptoms

In addition to a weakened sexual performance, low testosterone men face several other implications in their body.

Lack of sexual desire

Lower testosterone levels, as aforementioned reduces the willingness of a body to generate proportions of quality sperm cells.

The normal sexual pattern is important part of a healthy and normal personality, is what a man seeks.

Less response from the androgen receptors reduce the production of libido, seriously declining men’s tendency to fertilize.

The worst part is that when it is left unnoticed and is not maintained while the quantity keeps on declining, it can question the fertility traits of men.

The normal and healthy sexual behavior is the real manhood and when the testosterone hormone level goes low, the manhood tend to obviously diminish.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfuction is quite referred to an inability to generate a boner, though not always caused by the lack of testosterone hormone production or decreased libido.

Generally, a man who is lacking testosterone hormone(low testosterone man) faces erectile dysfunctions and he will be having a hassle-loaded sexual encounter.

A  low testosterone men face many pre and post sexual problems as he fails to discharge the seminal fluid  during an inter-course because the lack of testosterone hormone will not signal his brain to eject the hormones required naturally.

Low semen level in Low Testosterone Men

Now, it hardly keeps things in doubt that lower proportions of testosterone hormones degrade the quality of semen generation.

A man with chronic case of lacking testosterone contents might face issues of infertility, may fail to produce his offspring because the lower volume and lower concentration of Serum-T will not serve the purpose.

The ability of a human body to metabolize things quickly degrade resulting in a string of problems in several life processes, largely the reproductive system starts to dys-function.

Hair loss in Low Testosterone Men

The most common and obvious sign of lower testosterone level in man is the hair loss. The basic notification that a teenager gets when he is having steep testosterone production in his younger days, is the growth of his chest hairs.

This growth in the body hair largely owes to a healthy content of testosterone inside the body.

The coarse hair signifies the proportions of the proteins in the body and this is because that testosterone hormone performs in the regulation and bodily discharge of several elements, so the altered amount of Serum-T might cut the aging characteristics and production of the hair in different body parts.

The lack of testosterone hormones further, leads to reduction in hairs on the fore-head and other body parts.

If the lack of testosterone hormone continues for a longer time period, a serious case of hair damage could be seen.

Muscle loss

A man with lower testosterone hormone might end up with a frail body structure, though the superlative of these is only the case with extreme discontents.

Lower testosterone contents will not curb the growth of fats in the body, especially ones on the linings of chief body organs and this may lead to excess obesity and failures of organ like heart, etc.

Even, in the cases of women, lower testosterone contents increase their estrogen amounts that result in the accumulation of fats, mainly around the sections of thighs and butts.

A proper amount of Proteins and Minerals help in the building and shaping of muscles. So, yes the lower amounts of Serum-T will acutely depress your physical health.

Weakening of bones in Low Testosterone Men

Lower testosterone amounts make the bones porous deprived of the contents like Zinc, Magnesium,Calcium etc which may lead to a weakening of bones.Hence in low testosterone men the bones become fragile and bear less endurance.

Emotional issues and anxiety

Testosterone discontents result in sexual problems, starting from the stirring issues and ranging to the inability of fertilization.

In low testosterone men, body start to limit the willingness towards sexual pleasures and they tend to feel shaky towards it resulting in erectile dysfunctions and several emotional issues.

The serious amount of tensions and anxiety in the minds result in the hampering in the production rate of testosterone hormones.

The serious cases include sleep-deprivation that may cause a vicious cycle of sleep disorder, reduces the ability of a body to function normally, metabolize hormones properly and this end up with abrupt performances from the bodily organs.


Fatigue or lack of energy has also been observed in man who is lacking testosterone hormone because the essential proteins and minerals are largely replaced with the layers of fats in the body.

A man with less testosterone level could hardly outclass any normal man of the same age in any physical and athletic functionality. The non-athletic body doesn’t curb the fat contents and this, either is not helping the person.


In this article we covered the signs and symptoms of low testosterone level in men.Hope it was helpful.If you suspect you are in the  low testosterone men category, it is high time to diagnose your testosterone level, change your life style and food habits or worst case a testosterone replacement therapy.Leave your feedback in the comment section below.



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