Foods That Increase Testosterone Levels In Men

Testosterone Boosting Food-Egg Yolks

Testosterone is one of the most important and the crucial hormones that is needed by the human body in the right amount to carry its important functions. That is not just the hormone that affects more than the sex drive of a person. This hormone affects almost all the body functions of a person that you cannot even imagine.

If you are wondering that what are the functions being performed by the Testosterone, then brace yourself because there are a number of indirect implications in the body, apart from the primary functions related to the sexual hormone.

Functions of Testosterone:

Testosterone is the hormone of the prime importance for not only for men but also for women. The testosterone hormone is called as the”Fountain of the Youth” because of the fact that it is responsible for the healthy bodily functions. Here are some of the important functions of the testosterone being performed in the body:

  1. Testosterone is responsible for the increased sex drive in men.
  2. It is responsible for boosting the libido of men.
  3. Testosterone helps to increase the semen volume.
  4. It promotes the muscle mass.
  5. It promotes the strengthening of the bones and bone mass.
  6. Testosterone is responsible for the Hair growth.
  7. It is also responsible for the development of the male secondary sex characteristics.
  8. It is responsible for the fat distribution in the body.

Besides all these functions, the testosterone is responsible for the promotion of the healthy well- being of a person. Regarding all such functions of the human body, Testosterone is considered to be the most important hormone of the human body.


Testosterone Levels and Its Production:

Testosterone is produced in the male human body as well as in the female human body. The only difference is in the production sites and in their quantities. The testosterone that is produced in the male human body is larger in quantity as compared to the female human body and it is produced in the testes and adrenal glands. While on the other hand, the testosterone is produced in the smaller quantities in the female human body and is produced in ovaries and in adrenal glands just above the kidneys.

The pattern of the production of the testosterone is very simple in males. It starts to produce since the time of the conception and is produced in the peak quantities during his puberty and teenage. After the age of 30, the ration of the testosterone production tends to decrease with the 1 percent each year. It is a known fact that our human body fails to keep up the healthy counts of Serum-T or testosterone hormones up after an age of 30. The hormone that is responsible for the development, growth and functioning of the sexual gonads in the human beings starts depleting, initially by 1% from the age of 30.

When it comes to the levels of the testosterone, the normal range that is considered for a person as optimum is between 300 to 700 ng/dL. The levels below and above this range is considered to be out of order and must be treated in order to live a healthy and desirous life.



Hypogonadism is the disorder that is caused by the low testosterone levels in the person. According to Mayo Clinic, the person having the testosterone levels below 300 is considered to be low in testosterone and is termed to be diseased with Hypogonadism. The persons above the age of 40 are usually deficient in the Testosterone and that is normal case but the persons who are below this age and are deficient in T levels are suffering from the chronic illness known as Hypogonadism.

Hypogonadism is often treated medically in order to prevent the future complications in the person but along with the medical recommendations, you should also consider the foods that have the ability to boost your T levels.

If you are wondering about what to eat for testosterone increase, then you do not have to pinch your mind. I am going to give you a list of foods that can increase your testosterone levels naturally.

Foods that Increase Testosterone Levels in Men:

If you are looking ways to increase your Testosterone levels, then look no further. Here are the foods that can increase your T levels naturally:

1. Shrimps:

According to study conducted at Harvard School of Public Health Boston, it was proved that men having higher levels of Vitamin D have higher T levels in their bodies. Seafood like shrimps are rich of vitamin D. Shrimps also have a plenty of omega-3’s and immense doses of testosterone boosting cholesterol.So adding the shrimps and sea foods in your diet is the wisest choice for have Vitamin D for boosting the T levels.
Foods That Increase Testosterone-Shrimps

2. Tuna Fish

Tuna Fish is another food that can boost the levels of Testosterone in your body. As Tuna fish is rich in Vitamin D, it is a sensible choice to add that in your daily meal plan in order to increase the T levels. Whether you use canned fish or fresh one, it is the best way by which you can enhance your Testosterone levels naturally.


Foods That Increase Testosterone Levels In Men-tuna-Fish

3. Egg Yolks

Another food that can be a good choice for your T booster is egg yolk. It is mostly uncommon fact that egg yolk contains more nutrients as compared to the egg white. As long as you do not have cholesterol issues, you can eat egg yolk safely in order to boost your T levels.Testosterone Boosting Food-Egg Yolks

4. Beef

Here is the good news for the beef lovers , Beef can increase can increase their testosterone  levels. There are a number of health concerns for the over consumption of red meat but still the safer cuts of beef are really helpful for boosting of the testosterone levels.

Foods That Increase Testosterone Levels In Men-Beef

5. Oysters

Oysters have excellent health benefits which provide the human body with a number of unique nutrients and minerals. Some of the health profits of  oysters include weight loss, boost in metabolic activities ,reduction in blood pressure, lowering of cholesterol levels and  reparation and growth of tissues. Furthermore, Oysters are outstandingly high sources of the mineral zinc. Deficiency of  Zinc is one main reason for lower testosterone levels. Zinc is an essential nutrient for production of testosterone hormone during puberty. So, Oyester is undoubtedly a best food for fighting low testosterone issue.



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