Can Ashwagandha increase testosterone levels?

Can ashwagandha increase testosterone levels

In this post,I am going to explain on ashwagandha-testosterone relation. Can ashwagandha increase testosterone levels? Yes, after reading this article you will come to know the health benefits ashwagandha and how ashwagandha can boost your testosterone levels.Keep reading.

The amount of production of the hormones takes a halt and starts depleting in strength and number as our bodies reach an age of 30, yet there are certain ways through which the healthy production and Serum-T counts get elevated.

One of the most influential game-changers is the root powder of an Ayurveda family, Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) that holds surprising levels of adaptogenic claims, the properties that help alleviate stress levels in our body.

How Ashwagandha increase testosterone levels?

In Ayurveda, Ashwagandha was historically known as a medicinal plant. Ashwagandha root was believed to offer the power and sex drive of a horse.Numerous African tribes uses the herb as an aphrodisiac (which stimulates sexual desire).

Ancient theories points out that ashwagandha offered a lot more benefits than those mentioning to horse-like traits of physical power and virility.

Ashwagandha’s medicinal benefit is enormous.

Coming to ashwagandha-testosterone connection, 
Ashwagandha holds many magical capabilities to improve testosterone levels directly or indirectly. While most of the supplements that boast million dollar features also come up with many side-effects like liver damage, nausea, hormonal imbalance etc. Ashwagandha takes an edge over all these.

Being one of the members of the Ayurveda hierarchy, this herbal supplement cause little or no side-effects, despite enhances healthy increase in the production of the t-levels as proved with the experiments.

Ashwagandha has an impactful result against stress, tensions and hormones that regulate anxieties. This herbal constituent slashes the cortisol amounts significantly and that helps in a substantial reduction in the stress levels of the human beings.

The herb ashwagandha also rules out many stress related infertility and is a proven benefactor in the amounts of hormonal production in animals.

While one study confirms that ashwagandha depletes stress levels, elevates HDL-Cholestrol, decreases cortisols, and also helps ruling out inflammation that all sum up to increase testosterone counts in the human bodies.

Because of a healthy state of mind, our body produces quality testosterone amounts and that bring back many smiles and confidence.So it is evident, ashwagandha increase testosterone level.

Ashwagandha is also proven to show its magical properties on infertile men. In one of the experiments, 675 mg/day of KSM-66 (or plain root powder) taken by infertile men shows a 17% increase in Serum-T, while the Lutenising Hormone was seen increasing to 36%, thus proving the fact of the herb’s positive influence on brain.

Apart from the adaptogenic properties, Ashwagandha shows immense general health benefits, including the proper functioning of many important internal organs.

The herb is considered to be a striking factor in decreasing the proportions of Serum triglycerides. Serum Triglycerides are responsible to lessen the chances of liver damage, high blood sugar content, kidney ailments, thyroid conditions and many more.

Furthermore, Ashwagandha holds a top-tier berth in regulating the Cholestrol levels in our body.

The intake of the herb makes a substantial increase in the amounts of good HDL Cholestrol levels, whilst also depleting the proportions of the bad LDL Cholestrol levels.

LDL Cholestrol can prove worst for our health as it begins developing on the walls of our arteries that substantially increase the chances of cardiac arrests.

The risks get lowered if the amount of LDL Cholestrol is less in our body, and Ashwagandha is the magical performer.

While you stretch your eyebrows, you need to have a check-up in your LDL Cholestrol levels and append the practice of this herbal powder. That’s not it.

Ashwagandha increases HDL Cholestrol levels that is potentially a threat for the LDL levels. HDL reduces, retransmits LDL cholesterol by sending it to the liver and ensures that those doesn’t accumulate in the walls of arteries.

With a regulated amount of Cholestrol level, our bodies respond perfectly as the androgen receptors behave resuscitated.

The amount of healthy testosterone counts gets increased and this brings that masculine traits back. The body begins responding in a healthy manner, thanks to Ashwagandha.

Ashwagandha-Testosterone,Muscle Size and Strength

Ashwagandha, in Sanskrit refers to “the horse’s smell”, and is likely to be seen as delivering virile traits like a horse, keeping energy levels intact. The shrub controls the fat levels in our body, helps depleting harmful fats and builds muscle mass.

With a healthy signal from the testosterone levels in the body, our body starts to metabolise things in a perfect manner. This leads to a decrease in the fatty acids that are responsible to kill several essential amino acids and proteins.

These amino acids and proteins begin complex reactions in our body, and over time, we experience a healthy growth in the bulk of muscles.

Even, an experiment tested on men proves that 300 mg of ashwagandha extracts twice in a day is much helpful in building muscular mass.

The effects seem to be giving further positive response in the men who also used to practice some work-outs along with ashwagandha extracts.

The arm muscles and chest muscles also begin to grow after a daily dosage of Ashwagandha extracts.

The healing capabilities are too, surprising as the herb stirs the production of collagen while increasing the natural skin oils and hyaluronic acids. It also checks any serious tearing of the muscles.

Medical precaution:

Before using any supplements such as Ashwagandha always consult with your healthcare practitioner .

Hope this article gave you an idea on Ashwagandha and Testosterone, Ashwagandha is a suppressant of the stress hormone cortisol and a booster of testosterone.

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